Online Accounting Software / Online ERP Software

Features in Qins (Included in Basic Package)

Standard Features

  • Accounting
  • Asset Book
  • Banking
    • Create Bank Statements
    • Upload Bank Statements
  • Sales Screen Shot
    • Client Master Screen Shot Qins Help
    • Sales Order Screen Shot Qins Help
    • Quotes
    • Contracts
    • Automated Contract Call-off
    • Invoices
    • Invoice due List
    • Client Statements
  • Purchasing
    • Vendor Master Screen Shot Qins Help
    • Purchase Orders Screen Shot Qins Help
    • Vendor Invoices
  • Stock Management
    • Materials Master Screen Shot Qins Help
    • Batch Management
  • Payroll and Human Resources

General Features

  • Integrated Ticket System Screen Shot Qins Help
    • Capture Actuals and convert to a Sales Order
  • Integrated Appointment Book Screen Shot Qins Help
    • Send reminder for meeting via email or SMS
  • Document Management
  • Receive reports daily via email
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Language
  • Test System
    • Try it out on a test system with all your data

Extra Addons

  • Zen Cart Integration (Maintain Products in Qins and Publish to Zen Cart)
  • PBX Click To Call (Implemented using Asterisk)

Technologies Used
Debian postgresql php apache